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The Grind

The Problem

A few days ago, I was playing ranked and I got back into Gold 1. I realized that I wasn't excited or particularly happy, in fact, I realized I didn't care at all. I just wanted to keep moving forward. Today I've decided on how I'm going to do that, and that's why I'm writing this blog post. I think one of the biggest problems I have in this game is that fact that I have no consistency in my champion pool. I play whoever I want whenever I want. The result of that has gotten me right back where I ended last season, only 243 games later. I haven't played a single champion 20 or more times in ranked. My most played is Thresh with 16 games and I've played 80 different champions. Whenever I ask people who I should play or who they think fits me the answer I typically get is to play who I enjoy. The problem with that is that I enjoy almost every champion, which leads me right back to where I was.

The Proposed Solution

My solution to my problem is to choose two champions that I enjoy more than the rest for every role. These aren't necessarily "meta" champions, though in some cases they might be. These will be the champions I focus on exclusively, and it will be how I get out of the rut I've trapped myself in. If doing this doesn't help me climb at all then I'm where I should be and probably won't be getting any better, but if I believe that then I really have no reason to play this game anymore. I'm doing this because I want to get better and climb higher. 

The Chosen Ones

AD Carry

Corki - Corki has always been one of my favorite AD carries, I played him a lot in Seasons 2 and 3, and am starting to pick him up again this season. I have almost all of his skins and I just love the way his kit works and how the champion functions. He's funny, fun, and hits like a truck with his varied damage types.

Varus - I've enjoyed Varus since his release, and he's my most successful ADC in ranked currently (3-1). I just love the way his Q functions, and I like the archery motif. Varus is one of the champions that just clicks for me.


Thresh - Thresh is probably still the best support champion in the game. He's a fun and versatile champion who can make big plays and help carry in solo queue. He also looks awesome.

Zyra - I love Zyra support. You can vary her build path so much. You can go damage, you can go peelbot, you can go utility. She's a ton of fun and can solo carry games, even from bottom lane.


Pantheon - I've just started playing Pantheon in the jungle again and I'm having a blast. That's about all there is to this one, that's my only reason. Too much fun.

Amumu - He was my first jungler ever, and is still one of my favorites. I've bought every one of his skins and love him to death.


Rumble - He's an incredibly powerful bundle of fun. He does a ton of damage and is a really good teamfight champion, not to mention he's in an awesome robot suit.

Nidalee - I'm not positive about keeping her on here but I've been enjoying playing her since they changed her and I've been having moderate success. She's fun, but not necessarily permanent.


Heimerdinger - I've been having a blast with Heimer lately, in the top lane and in the mid lane, so I had to put him on the list.

Fizz - Too much fun to not play.


Kha'Zix - I love this champion and still play him top/mid/jungle, so he get's the 11th spot on this 10 champion list. Yep.

This is the link to the google doc I'm using to keep track of these guys:
Champions Document

In Conclusion...

I really hope this works. I don't think I'll stay in Gold 1 and I want to prove that I can be better than this. If I can't I'll probably stop playing. Thanks for reading!