Starting Over

I hit the reset button. I'm back at the beginning, full of fresh ideas and optimism! Of course it helps that I have a new game to fuel this reset, but we'll get to that in a bit. What did I reset though? I've reset my stream, my YouTube channel, my outlook on things and, obviously, this blog. Content creation is something I've always been interested in and have tried several times, usually stopping due to hardware or other limitations. As some people may know I got a new computer a few months ago and now that I can stream and mess with videos again I intend to do my best to create some interesting stuff. My focus these days is on League of Legends (still) and Heroes of the Storm. Since there's a deluge of League content out there and Heroes is still a young game most video content will probably be centered around that. On the other hand, since I'm so opinionated about League I'm sure there will be plenty of written content and some video content coming out involving it as well. The newly revitalized/still being resurrected sites you can find me at are below!

I'm still in the process of finding/creating artwork and prettying the pages up but I'll have them looking great in no time! Thanks for reading and please feel free to send me any suggestions on Twitter or in the comments!